The bird seed team spread their wings in Ross-on-Wye

Members of the Ross-on-Wye community have helped to take the Bird Seed Project to the next stage. Mike Bailey has thought of a catchy name for the bird seed, produced, grown and made in Herefordshire. The new name is ‘Tweety Treats’. Liz Boynton has also designed a logo.


The Bird Seed Project was the brainchild of Harvey Sayce, from Ross. He approached EnviroAbility last year to try to grow his project, which has been designed to re-educate people about the local eco-system. When people purchase bird seed they often don’t realise where the food is coming from, and sometimes it has travelled halfway around the world. Harvey believes that creating bird seed that has been grown in Herefordshire, that is organic and without any chemical sprays, will be much healthier, not only for the birds eating the food, but also for the environment as a whole.


The project is progressing, and the seed is being produced at Model Farm in Hildersley. The Bird Seed Project itself has now been re-named as ’Spread Our Wings,’ Gail Sayce, Harvey’s mum told the Ross Gazette the new project name embodies everything they are hoping to achieve, to allow people who are taking part in the project to develop their hobby, meet others with a shared interest, and become more independent.