Tweety Treats team appeal for the community’s support

The team at EnviroAbility have launched a crowd funding website, to help their bird seed project, ‘Tweety Treats’ take flight.


The team produce bird seed that has been grown in Herefordshire, that is organic and without any chemical sprays.


The team believe this is much better for the local environment, as the birds eating the seeds are not consuming food that has been grown and imported in from halfway across the world.


Harvey Sayce, from Ross-on-Wye, had the idea to begin the bird seed project last year, which he then called ‘Feathered Friends’.


He approached EnviroAbility to try to grow his project, which has been designed to re-educate people about the local eco-system. Since then, the team has grown, and the bird seed is produced at Model Farm in Hildersley, by Harvey and several others.


The team hope that by setting up the Crowd Funding website, that they will be able to employ a facilitator, to work a few set days each week.


At present, Harvey’s mum Gail does a lot of work for the project, which she fits in around her busy schedule, but the team hope that by taking someone on as an employee, the project will be able to grow even faster.


If any local business owners would like to sell the bird seed in their shops, contact EnviroAbility by calling 01989 763388.


To donate, please visit: